Our seminar is organised by Steffen Gielen. Seminars usually take place on Wednesdays at 3.00pm, followed by an informal tea break. We usually aim for broadly accessible talks across the range of research areas represented in the group.

In the academic year 2022–23 we expect these seminars to be a mixture of in-person seminars and virtual talks (using Blackboard Collaborate). Check the programme below for details of the talks.

Semester 1

28 September Steffen Gielen (Sheffield) - Unitarity and clock dependence in quantum cosmology

5 October Robert Santacruz (New Brunswick/Sheffield) - Do black holes emit matter?

14 October Chad Briddon (Nottingham) - Using SELCIE to investigate screened scalar field models sourced by complex systems

19 October Anna Tokareva (Imperial College) - Gravitational wave production after non-local R^2 inflation

26 October Elliot Nash (Sheffield) - Chiral Connection Formulations, Reality Conditions and Cosmology

2 November Guilherme Franzmann (Stockholm) - Is our Universe geometrical after all?

23 November Silvia Pla Garcia (King's College London) - Ultraviolet regularity, CPT, and the big bang quantum vacuum

7 December Robyn Muñoz (Portsmouth) - Simulations of a quasi-spherical cosmological collapse and gravito-electromagnetic and Petrov invariant characterisation

Semester 2

8 February Matteo Lucca (Brussels) - What can cosmology tell us about primordial black holes?

20 February Rita Neves (Madrid) - Observational Imprints of Loop Quantum Cosmology

8 March Benjamin Berczi (Nottingham) - Gravitational collapse of quantum fields

29 March Alessia Platania (Perimeter Institute) - Sifting quantum black holes through the principle of least action 

26 April Jonny Betts (Sheffield) - Machine Learning & Cosmological Structure Formation in Modified Gravity

10 May Louis Hamaide (King's College London) - Black Hole Information Recovery from Gravitational Waves

17 May Nuno M Santos (Aveiro & IST, Lisbon) - Synchronized bosonic hair: equilibrium solutions

22 May Sam Dolan - Metric perturbations of Kerr spacetime in Lorenz gauge: a new method

25 May & 26 May Carsten van de Bruck