Our seminar is organised by Steffen Gielen. Seminars usually take place on Wednesdays at 3.00pm, followed by an informal tea break. We usually aim for broadly accessible talks across the range of research areas represented in the group. In general we have a mixture of in-person seminars and virtual talks (using Blackboard Collaborate).

Details of the seminar programme for the academic year 2023–24 are given below.

Semester 1

4 October - Mariaveronica De Angelis (Sheffield) - Multi-field inflation with kinetic couplings: theoretical predictions and observational constraints 

11 October - Marco de Cesare (Naples) - Interacting dark sector from the trace-free Einstein equations: cosmological perturbations with no instability 

13 October - Maria Giovanna Dainotti (National Astronom. Observatory Japan) - On the Hubble constant tension

18 October - Ruchika (INFN Rome) - Reconciling JWST and HST with Planck 

25 October - Syed Naqvi (Jagellonian U, Krakow, online) - Chaos and Einstein-Rosen gravitational waves 

15 November - Emre Özülker (Istanbul Tech. U) - Dark energy phenomenology, negative dark energy density, and the sign-switching Lambda

22 November - Markus Fröb (Leipzig, online) - Invariant observables in quantum gravity and graviton loop corrections to the Hubble rate and the Newtonian potential

29 November - Manuel Reichert (Sussex) - From fluctuating gravitons to Lorentzian quantum gravity 

13 December - Ana Alonso Serrano (AEI Potsdam, online) - Thermodynamics as a tool for (quantum) gravitational dynamics

24 January - Matteo Forconi (Rome) - JWST’s Revelations and the Super-LCDM’s Promise

31 January - Sebastian Schuster (Sheffield) - What's Physical? A Space-Time Koan

Semester 2

7 February - Luca Marchetti (New Brunswick) - Scalar cosmological perturbations from quantum-gravitational entanglement 

14 February - Cora Uhlemann (Newcastle) - Making dark matter waves - the cosmic web and wavelike dark matter

21 February - João Paulo M Pitelli (Campinas State U) - Thermal effects on a global monopole with Robin boundary conditions

6 March - William Giarè (Sheffield) - Do we need to rethink inflation?

8 March - Stefano Gariazzo (IFT Madrid) - Relic neutrinos: decoupling and direct detection perspectives 

13 March - Eemeli Tomberg (Lancaster) - Primordial black holes and stochastic inflation

20 March - Aindriú Conroy (Charles U Prague) - Unruh-DeWitt Particle Detectors in Bouncing Cosmologies 

19 April - Adrià Gómez Valent (Barcelona) - Is there still room for low-z solutions to the Hubble tension?

24 April - Elsa Teixeira (Montpellier) - Exploring Signatures of the Dark Sector through Fluid Approximations 

26 April - Thomas Montandon (Montpellier) - Relativistic matter bispectrum of cosmic structure

8 May - Gabriele Barca (Rome/Sheffield) - Cut-Off Physics Effects on the Primordial Universe

15 May - Álvaro Álvarez Domínguez (Madrid/Sheffield) - Black holes from light?

29 May - Lucía Menéndez-Pidal (Madrid) - The measurement problem and Quantum Cosmology 

5 June - Ethan James German (Sheffield) - Adiabatic inspirals under electromagnetic radiation reaction on Kerr spacetime

12 June - Luis Escamilla (Sheffield) - Reconstructing the Dark Energy

19 June - Eleonora Di Valentino (Sheffield)

17 July - Nils Albin Nilsson (IBS Daejeon) - Wave solutions and gravitational-wave observables of spacetime-symmetry breaking